Digital Planners


We've designed an assortment of digital planners for life, mom, student or just recipes!

  • High-quality PDFs that can be used with a pdf annotation app, such as GoodNotes on iPad or Xodo on Android, on desktops or mobile devices.
  • Our well-planned, simple designs make them easy to use and you'll be an expert on them in no time.
  • All of our digital planners are a great value because they include LOTS of TEMPLATES for just one price!
  • With cloud & backup accounts, such as iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox, you can have access to your digital planner on all of your devices and computers.

We're here to help you with getting to know all about our digital planners. Don't hesitate to watch our Videos, check our Digital Planner Support or Contact Us directly with questions!

If you're wondering what a digital planner's an animated infographic video:

Check out our different types of digital planners and videos below:

2021 Inspire Me Digital Planner New Year SALE $20

This is our 177 page, vertical design, life digital planner. It has 29 pre-designed templates and offers 13 category sections to help keep you organized! Includes November and December 2020.

It features a bright and cheery color palette, original art designs and inspiring month tab pages.

2021 My Deluxe Digital Planner New Year SALE $24

This is our 538 page, horizontal design, life digital planner. It has a planning page for EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR plus December 2020. That's 396 day plan pages! Can you imagine how large this planner would be if it was paper?!

There are 8 versions available in different color palettes with unique cover designs. Each version includes 11 pre-designed templates, 3 note-taking templates, 5 blank templates and offers 12 category sections to help you track your day, week, month, year!

Motivate Me Mom's Digital Planner New Year SALE $22

This is our 171 page, horizontal design, Mom Digital Planner, designed with mothers in mind. It has 28 different templates for the 12 categories, 15 ‘Make Your Own’ blank templates, or 4 Bonus Dot, Line, Grid or Checklist pages...all designed for scheduling multiple family members.

There are 2 versions available. They feature fun botanical designs, a soft seasonal color palette and motivational verses to keep you inspired.

2020-2021 Highlighter Student Digital Planner Clearance $10

This is our 150 page, horizontal design, student digital planner. Inspired by the bright colors of every student's favorite tool, the highlighter!

It includes 7 academic and project planning templates, designed especially for students. The Help Section includes detailed diagrams for greater student success.

What are you waiting for? Sure...time is flying by, but we have reduced our 2020-2021 School - Year (August - July) planner prices to reflect that some months have already passed!! So, if you purchase now, you won't be paying for months that you can't use. If you love them now, then using the same planner again next school year will be easy!