Attention Android Users! Xodo App Update

February 26, 2021

Dear Customers,

In February, 2021, the Xodo App, which our Android Device customers utilize for our digital planners, had a MAJOR interface change and could pose issues. This is an app issue and not a defect of our digital products.

In our testing, we have not found any major functionality or syncing issues. We do provide FREE TEST PLANNER files before you buy. Links to test planners are found in the product descriptions.

The Xodo website does not even have tutorials for the new user interface. Our videos for 2021 Digital Planners are using the previous Xodo App version, but we are currently working on new tutorial videos.


UPDATE FEB. 23, 2021:  After the Xodo App update, the digital planner file will need to be opened through your original backup location, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and NOT "Recent" files. With the new Xodo App version, it won't recognize the file from 'Recent' as an editable PDF. It appears that after the App update AND you've opened through the backup location, it will now be fine to open through the 'Recent' files again.

UPDATE FEB. 26, 2021:  After the Xodo App updates, you may have to restart, clear cache, or even UNINSTALL and RE-INSTALL Xodo if your right-hand (from the 3 vertical dots) drop down menus appear to be 'blacked out'.
Also, our Inspire Me Planner has had trouble with the new update ONLY when trying to use the 'page scroll' on some devices. This seems to clear up after the planner has been cached.

Thank you for your patience as we work with any future issues. Please contact us if you notice any other Xodo App update concerns.