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2023 Bright Deluxe Digital Planner

2023 Bright Deluxe Digital Planner

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Please note that since this is a digital product and is an instant download, all sales are final and returns or exchanges will not be accepted. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is a problem with your order. Happy customers mean everything to our business!

This planner was pain-stakingly and lovingly created by our talented artists. We want to protect their original artwork and therefore strictly prohibit the distribution and resale of our planners. If you love your planner, please tell your friends and support our artists! We do track file downloads since purchase date.

By purchasing this planner, you acknowledge that you are only allowed one download to a single user account. We do have the right to cancel your download link if we suspect suspicious activity and will alert you to understand the situation. If you are having issues downloading this file after purchase please reach out so we can assist you and so we don't suspect fraudulent behavior. 


We recommend using an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, but this planner will look great on any model of iPad. We also recommend using the GoodNotes app, which you can purchase from the App Store. Planners work best and more efficiently on Apple OS and Apple tends to keep software updated more regularly than Android.

We have tested this planner on Android and provide instructions and videos for using it on a Samsung Tablet. If you are using an Android device, we recommend using the FREE Xodo app (it’s on the Google Play Store) on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with included S Pen.

Cover verseLet your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

Do you need a 2023 Digital Planner that includes a page for planning every day of the year? Look no further! This 539 page, 2023 BRIGHT DELUXE Digital Planner, features simple, high-contrast imagery for month landing pages, a minimalist color palette and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. Useful for anyone who wants every detail of their day, week, month and year in ONE place so they can be relaxed and confident. Track your habits, medical info and contacts. Keep your budgets, shopping lists, busy plans, family schedules, projects, to-do lists, journaling, sermon notes and more in this well-designed planner! You’ll be amazed how using a digital planner can put your mind at ease.

This digital planner’s easy-to-use format, functional link tabs to 12 special categorical sections and amazing design will keep you in control and organized! We’ve got you covered for day, week, month and year scheduling, as well as habit tracking, medical history, group contacts, project, journal, goal, note-taking and event planning. Your original BRIGHT DELUXE Digital Planner includes 11 pre-designed templates, three note-taking templates, five custom blank template pages, and two BONUS custom category sections that allows for you to personalize and customize this planner…and make it all your own. As always, you can expand your planner by adding as many new pages, anywhere you want…and you only have to pay one time. It’s so much better than paper planners!

Go all out with planning, tracking, scheduling, organizing, journaling, and note-taking in 2023! It’s all in ONE PLACE and with syncing the planner, it will be updated and available on all your devices!

What are you waiting for? This DELUXE digital planner INCLUDES a BONUS December 2022, so you can start planning right away!

WATCH VIDEO: 2023 DELUXE Digital Planner on iPad
WATCH VIDEO: 2023 DELUXE Digital Planner on Android

TRY A TEST FILE! You can DOWNLOAD this DELUXE TEST file which only has the first 11 pages of the planner. Not all hyperlinks will function, but you can see it on your device.

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• Original digital planner comes with 539 pages!
- with a linked page for planning every day of 2023 (plus December 2022)
• YEAR calendar for 2023
- 13 months: December 2022 - December 2023
- with links to month grid overviews
- with links to individual week-at-a-glance pages
• Month name TABS link to month landing pages
- with simple, high-contrast image designs and motivational verse
• 13 month DASHBOARD planning pages
- with quote to inspire you for the month
- a central page for goals, brain dumps and meal plans for the month
- special dates, projects, and stuff you’re excited about for the month
• 13 dated & designed MONTH overview grid calendars
- with links to weeks
- with links to every day of the month by tapping on the date!
• WEEK-at-a-glance pages for EVERY week of the year
- accessed through the year calendar
- or accessed through the numbered week tabs on ALL month and day pages
• 396 DAY PLAN pages for EVERY day of the year (plus Dec. 2022)
- accessed from the week-at-a-glance or month overview
- each day page has links to all the weeks in the month and all the days in that week
• 14 Pre-designed TEMPLATE pages
- each tabbed categorical section comes with templates for unlimited duplicating
• 12 TABS link direct to categorical sections:
- TRACK (includes three tracking templates)
- Habit Tracker
- Medical Info
- Contacts
- BUDGET (includes budget template)
- SHOPPING (includes shopping list template)
- SERMON NOTES (includes sermon notes template)
- JOURNALING (includes journaling template)
- PROJECTS (includes project plan template)
- PARTIES (includes party plan template)
- TRAVEL (includes vacation plan template)
- READING LOGS (includes reading log template)
- NOTES (includes three note-taking templates)
- Meeting notes pre-designed template
- Lined pages
- Graph pages
- 2 BONUS CUSTOM (fill these sections with your own customized templates)
• HELP TAB link on every page
- LINKED INDEX of original pages
- Helpful Hints & Tips
- with FAQs, video links
- Page adding instructions for GoodNotes & Xodo app
- Navigation swipe directions on main pages
• PLUS find How-to-Use Videos on our YouTube channel
• You can always contact us directly with ANY questions about your digital planner!

TIP: You can add as many additional pages to your planner as you like by simply copying a page and pasting it into the planner.


We pride ourselves on our quality and we want you to love planning with our digital planners. Our planners are professionally created with state-of-the-art software. We specially create these planners to make sure that you have the best planning experience. Our planners are made with vector elements, which means that our pages are crystal clear. All of our planners also have clickable links to certain pages, this simulates the tabs on a traditional paper planner. Our planners come ready to use, no additional customization needed. Just download it, upload to your app and start planning.


RIGHT THIS SECOND! The planner is an instant download, no shipping and no waiting! You are allowed to download as a single user license with a one-time download limitPlease contact us if there is an issue and/or you need to download it a second time. (See policies above)

There are two ways to download your planner, once you’ve purchased it. The first one, the one we recommend, is through a link sent to your email. Just provide your email during checkout, and a download link will be sent to your inbox! TIP: If you don’t want to receive our monthly newsletter, just uncheck the box for “Keep me up to date…” But why would you? We offer freebies in our newsletter; as well as, notify you when we're adding a new product. We don’t believe in flooding our customers’ inboxes with marketing emails, that’s why our newsletter is only monthly. The second way for you to download your shiny new planner, is after you checkout you will be navigated to a page that summarizes your order. If you’re patient, wait until the page finishes loading and then you can just download it from there!


This is a digital product, no waiting, no hassle and no shipping!


Buyers are responsible for any/all additional fees charged by their country.

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