Handknit Chunky Baby Blanket | Custom Order

  • $56.00

Thank you for being interested in one of our custom items! This product allows you to design the baby blanket of your dreams...Whether it's for a friend's child, family member's or your own, they will love being wrapped up in this soft, squishy, chunky blanket. Bless a little baby with this soft and warm handmade blanket. He/She will feel warm and safe wrapped up in this soft chunky handknit blanket. A beautiful pink color, this blanket will go with any style. You can choose from 10 different trendy colors that are bound to match any nursery.


  1. Pick one of the 10 colors (TIP: There is an image of each color choice, so that you can pick the perfect one!). There is a drop-down menu at the top where you can pick the color for your blanket and start on your way to making a cuddly blanket for the intended child. (Pictured above in Soft Pink)
  2. Pick an approximate size for the blanket (TIP: Units are in inches)...There's Lovey (10 x 10*), Stroller (30 x 35*), Crib (36 x 50*), Receiving (40 x 40*), Toddler (42 x 52*), Swaddler (47 x 47*)
  3. Order your blanket! (TIP: Due to the handmade nature of this item please expect at least 1 week before being shipped. Thank you for your understanding.)

YARN CONTENT: 100% Polyester, Hypoallergenic, Cruelty Free and Vegan.

These pillows are made by hand with love and 100% Polyester yarn sourced from a local, Waco business. It is hypoallergenic, meaning it is perfect for all babies, even if they have especially sensitive skin. It is long lasting and has unique anti-odour properties; as well as, can be washed. Polyester yarn is extra fluffy and squishy, giving all our baby blankets that fluffy, plump feel. Our cute blankets are not only soft and squishy, but also very durable and can handle everyday use. The yarn we use is very fuzzy, soft and warm but does not compromise its durability. This type of construction makes the yarn extremely durable, unlike yarn that is normally used which can be pulled apart easily. But we didn't forget you Mamas out there! This blanket can be washed! If your adorable little baby has an 'oopsie' and makes a little mess, you can throw this blanket into the washer on a gentle cycle. We recommend laying flat to dry afterwards, but it can also be dried in a dryer.
Due to the handmade nature of this item please expect at least 1 week before being shipped. We will get it to you as soon as possible.

You will receive the blanket in a clear, vacuum-sealed, plastic bag, keeping the blanket safe from dirt and dust.

We ship internationally, feel free to contact us with any shipping questions! Buyers are responsible for any/all additional VAT/customs fees charged by their country.

Please note that since all Blessing by Design items are custom and made to order, all sales are final and returns or exchanges will not be accepted. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is a problem with your order. Happy customers mean everything to our business!

Thank you for visiting our shop!
Be Blessed.

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